Macchine per gelato industriale

Matrix Engineering -started in early 90-s production and sales of industrial ice cream equipments with great success until now. We locate our factories for industrial equipments in ITALY and in CZECH REPUBLIC, and we are the right partner for middle sized industries.

The secret of our success :

  • innovating projects
  • simplicity in use and mantainance
  • high quality equipments
  • customer friendly approach
  • excellent value for money




Our Production


Mix processing lines  "MIXPLANT"

It's easy to prepare ice cream mixes with MIXPLANT.  Production between 300 and 5.000 liters per hour


"TECNOFREEZE" continuous ice cream freezers

CF continuous freezers have a sturdy stainless steel construction and are built in strict compliance with sanitary and safety standards in force in Europe. Capacity available between 200 and 800 liters per hour.



 "ARTIC-EX" extrusion tunnels

ARTIC EX extrusion tunnels are designed to meet the demand for a versatile, reliable and cost effective machine, able to produce sticks, logs, ball cones, bars, cakes, sandwiches etc.  Capacities from 4 000 up to 16 000 pcs/hour are available.


 "LINEA" filling machines

Flexible filling machines for wide range of products. Capacity small products (cups, cones, calippo) from  3 000 to 12 000 pcs/hour



We produce a complete range of moulds for automatic machines such as  GRAM RIA, HOYER ROLLO, SIDAM POLAR, POLO. You can find a standard mould in our catalogue of over 250 models, as well we can produce a customized mould on your design.


"IF 100" ingredient feeder

Automatic ingredient feeder suitable for the needs of the medium industry. IF 100 is able to feed biscuits, fruits, nuts, syroups and mix it with ice cream. Capacity up to 2 000 liters per hour of ice cream flow.

"ARTIC VERSA" freezing and hardening tunnels

These tunnels are designed for ice cream, but we have fitted for several other products, such as pizzas, meat and vegetables.


Гомогенизаторы HPM


Specially designed for ice cream, our HPM range of homogenizers is available with capacity from 100 to 12 000 liters per hour.


Машины для упаковки




Технология изготовления мороженого


If you are a beginner in industrial ice cream production we suggest you to learn in this section


Aspettiamo tutti i nostri vecchi e nuovi clienti a Dubai in occasione della fiera Gulfood 2011, dal 27/02/2011 al 02/03/2011


La nuova gamma di freezer continui a cilindro verticale modello F rappresenta lo stato dell'arte nella produzione del gelato.

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