Model TP 2000 is an ice cream filler with hourly output up to 12000 pieces per hour. Manufactured with a large rotating table to ll large size cups and containers.

Standard configuration provides an 8 positions rotation table, with automatic positioning of the package, filling of 1 and 2 colors ice cream, cover the placement of lids and release of the finished product.

As option available a wide range of dispensers for syrup, chocolate, chips, cookies and other products. TP 2000 ice cream filler is available also with 12 position rotation table.

output with
termo sealed
on lids
output with
termo sealed
on lids
dosage volume
Voltage Power
Power (KW)Compressed
air required
TP 2000/1L2400 pcs/hr2100 pcs/hr5 liters145/145/195400/3/502,96BAR-800nl minAutomatic with PLC
TP 2000/2L6000 pcs/hr4200 pcs/hr1 liter145/145/205400/3/502,96BAR-800nl minAutomatic with PLC
TP 2000/3L9000 pcs/hr6300 pcs/hr250 cc.145/145/205400/3/502,96BAR-800nl minAutomatic with PLC

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