Continuous ice cream freezers serial CF/I are simple and reliable equipments that come from 30 years experience in ice cream equipment manufacturing of our engineers. Models CF/I with horizontal freezing cylinder are produced with capacities of 400, 600, 800, 1200, 1500 liters per hour. All the models t a reliable 2-pistons volumetric mix pump. Overrun can be adjusted from min 30% up to 130 % by injection of compressed air. Compressors are powerful BITZER semihermetic working by R404a. All models fit active carbon bacteriological air filters. Dasher for models CF400/I, CF600/I and CF800/I is 3 blades with eccentric stirrer. Production controls are semi automatic, and operator friendly.  Construction completely in stainless steel. CIP program enclosed in all models. Models CF/I grant great ice cream structure and perfect outlet ice cream stability. Optional available full automatic controls with S7 PLC Siemens.


Ice cream output


OverrunOverrun adjustmentIce cream outlet temperature







CF 400/I 400 30-130% Pneumatical -2 / -7 C 70/150/155 400/3/50 11,8 Water
CF 600/I 600 30-130% Pneumatical -2 / -7 C 70/150/155 400/3/50 16,8 Water
CF 8/I00 800 30-130% Pneumatical -2 / -7 C 70/155/165 400/3/50 20,5 Water
CF 1200/I 1200 30-130%  Pneumatical  -2 / -7 C 70/155/165  400/3/50 31,5  Water

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